Shiva - The most affordable stunt saber in the galaxy! NEW AUG 19

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Presenting Shiva's custom saber - The most affordable stunt saber in the galaxy! 

- Bright LEDs, simplified electronics for greater durability!

- EASY BATTERY SWAP out for long troops or full day conventions, carry a few 18650s with you and switch them out in seconds!

- Perfect for all ages with its' slim profile yet having sufficient thickness for heavy dueling and skirmishes!

- Fits any 1" Removable Blade from Mid to Heavy grades!

- Amazing starter saber at a incredibly affordable pricing!


Choose from 3 Options available:

- Black Hilt Red Blade

- Silver Hilt Green Blade

- Silver Hilt Blue Blade 


Features possible Add Ons:

- 18650 Li-On rechargeable battery with charger

- 36" Pearl white Mid Grade Blade or Heavy Grade blade for dueling

Save more if you have your own batteries/blades!

*fits a standard 1" Blade

*Uses a 3.7V 18650 10A unprotected Battery FLAT SIDES- ONLY USE THIS.
Ensure that the battery is inserted correctly with Positive side in first.



Please allow 3-5 working days for them to be shipped, shipping takes 5-7 days, tracking numbers active after 24-48 hours of notice. 

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Please note that as all the work is done by hand, small imperfections may occur and differ from hilt to hilt.