UW x WF - The Flextana

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  All Sabers are currently on a PRE ORDER STATUS for release in August to September 2020 due to the mandatory closure in China, our factories are temporarily closed until notice. 
Please contact our Customer Service team at www.facebook.com/thepachstore if you need more info.

Bringing together the iconic design for the Graflex and ergonomic weapon of all time the Katana we introduce to you, the first of our latest lineup, the Flextana! 
The brainchild of WonderForce and Ultimate Works, long in the project shop finally released to the public!
The hilt is a slim oval shape and fits in the hands perfectly, it is also fit for mid dueling sessions, the saber includes the following:

-Tricree RGB LED (Multi color changing)
-UW Asteria Board, supports 6 banks with SD card function (Interchangeable Sound effects)
-2W 8ohm speakers
-Main power switch and Aux switch
-USB to inhilt recharge port 18650 Li-on battery
-Fits 1" Polycarbonate blade NOT INCLUDED
-D RING at pommel


12 x 1.53 x 0.95 inches

Empty Hilt 199 USD
Fully installed 289 USD

Empty hilts ships in 2 weeks+, Installed 4 weeks gradually. thereafter 5-10 days shipping with tracking WORLDWIDE. (WORKING DAYS ONLY)

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