Custom Saber – User Manual

Custom Saber – User Manual

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WARNING The product is a collectible prop for Adults above 18 years and not a toy. Children using it must always be supervised by an adult. Staring directly at the LEDs will cause harm and possible visual impairment. Please exercise due caution in usage. Sabers MUST NOT be dismantled/opened as the electronics are very sensitive, damage in opening the sabers are not valid for warranty. Choking hazard – small screws/parts may be generated.

BASIC OPERATIONS - Fubuki/ Hitoren/ Kyojin/ Sanken 2 Sabers: 1. Power On/ Off: Press main button. 2. Change sound fonts: When power off, press and hold the main button. 3. Lock-up mode: when saber is powered on, double press the main button to lock up and repeat to stop.

The Dueler/ Master Q/ The Lord/ Flextana Sabers: 1. Stand-by mode: when power off, press and hold the main button to boot 2. Mute mode: when power off, hold the aux button, then hold the main button for 0.5sec 3. Light on: after boot up, quick press and release to power on 4. Blaster: quick press aux button when powered on 5. Lock-up mode: hold the aux button when the saber is light-on 6. Bank switch: press and hold after boot to cycle through banks 7. Shut down: press and hold the main button after power off 8. Customizing fonts, please follow our Facebook page where various guide videos are available for HOW TO change custom fonts. Fonts are available at

POWER MANAGEMENT - Please use provided USB cable, 5v 1A adapters. We recommend not to use with wall plugs but multi plugs preferably. - When charging, Fubuki/ Hitoren/ Sanken 2 Sabers main button will pulse. Kyojin will show a faint light in the button area, no fully charged indicator - Charge for maximum of 5 hours, recommended NOT to charge OVERNIGHT - Charge every fortnightly, play with them often!

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