1. Are these Sabers Duel Worthy?

Definitely! Our sabers have undergone strength tests and are fit for up to Mid Strength duels, we highly advise all users to have restraint while dueling with your partners.

  1. Is it ready to go?

Yes, simply charge it up and you are good to go. No need for complex setups prior to usage

  1. Are the sabers safe for kids?

Our sabers are meant for all ages however children should always be supervised by an adult

  1. Does WonderForce Sabers come in multiple colors?

Yes! Not just multiple colors, but ALL of it! RGB 16 color changing on the fly.

  1. Does it have sound?

You bet, our soundboards carry 3 soundfonts and a mute function. All of these output by a 2W 8ohm deep bass speaker.

  1. What happens if I break my saber hilt?

A strong one eh? Not a problem, simply send it back to us and our team of experts will repair or replace the saber. However do note that the warranty is voided if electronics are found to be tampered with.