Design Specs - Hitoren v3.5/4.0

RGB Inhilt-LEDs with Flash On Clash
Our in-house superbright LEDs with its Rich full range of 16 Colors on the fly, 12W total!
Flashes on impact


Stringblade LEDs

Our in-house stringblades features a scrolling light up and power down function

Hilt Design
Duel-Worthy and Ergonomic, designed to fit in your hands perfectly Sturdy and built to last

Made from Fully machined Aluminum


Quick Swap!
Why be limited with one design? WonderForce Saber Master packages include 3 Emitters and 2 Pommels for you to customize to suit your daily mood.

2W 8 Ohm Deep bass speaker, Rich Sound with 3 soundfonts and a mute function

Battery Life
Convenient USB in-hilt recharging with 18650 Li-Ion Battery giving you long battery life for maximum play time

1 Inch universal mid grade strong Polycarbonate blade with diffusion film for maximum light diffusion and to withstand duels


Legendary Saber Scabbard

Our Saber Scabbards are built from high quality wood with a exquisite matte black finishing. A belt clip is also mounted on the scabbard for easy carry and access to the sabers

User Proven
Our hilts have been user tested by the community and have undergone multiple stress test so we deliver the highest quality product into your hands